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Alternative Song Suggestions For Your Wedding Day

Now, I realise this has NOTHING to do with videography, but as someone who frequents a lot of weddings and hears the same songs every week, I feel it's worth throwing out some opinions :)

So, last week whilst on a call with a bride she told me that she didn't know what song to walk down the aisle or have her first dance to.

She'd seen on my stories that I have guitars in my office and asked for some suggestions that weren't the usual/'cliche' songs. Here's a few slightly alternative suggestions I threw her way, in case it helps anyone else! Spoiler alert - There's no Christina Perri here!

Paramore - The Only Exception

Box Car Racer - There Is

Barry Louis Polisar - All I want Is You

Goo Goo Dolls - Come To Me

Jesse Ruben - This Is Why I Need You

Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

Blink 182 - Even If She Falls

John Mayer - Love Is A Verb

Aphex Twin - Avril 14th

So there we have it, a handful of alternative song suggestions for your wedding day, whether it's for when you're going down the aisle or your first dance, there's a nice mix of genres here!


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